Walk in groups

If possible, walk in groups when running errands


Have speed-dial numbers of emergency contact or police

Be aware

Avoid distractions such as phone use, listening to music when you are outside 

Stay calm

Take a deep breath, limit eye-contact, and maintain neutral body language

Seek help

Ask others around you for help. Ask others to call 9-1-1 if assistance is needed

Speak out

Speak out in a loud and firm voice if you are being followed or threatened (If you can do so safely)

Self defense

Avoid physical altercations. If a situation turns physical, use smart self-defense strategies to stay safe

Report the incident

Stop AAPI Hate is a community group gathering information on all anti-Asian incidents across the U.S

Report the Crime to Law Enforcement

SF Police Department provides an anonymous Crime Tip Line for Cantonese and Mandarin callers

Contact: 415-558-5588 (Crime-Reporting Hotline)

Get Financial Support

CCSJ has established a special Victim and Survivors Fund in which 100% of the donations will go to provide individuals and families affected with financial assistance for their immediate needs.

Phone: (415) 775-2636

Contact: ccsj@cycsf.org

Website: https://www.cycsf.org/program/ccsj

Get Emotional/ Mental Health Support

APA Family Support Services

Contact: (415) 617-0061

Chinatown YMCA

Contact: (415) 772-5500

NEMS Behavioral Health

Contact: (415) 391-9686 ext. 8150

San Francisco Health Plan - Behavioral Health Services

Contact: (855) 371-8117